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page title: the salt pond slipper

First a short history of the slipper. In 1990 I designed the prototype of the slipper called the Hogtown Bayou wherry. It was cold molded red cedar hull 20 ft long and 36 inches wide. It used Piantedosi RoWings and could be rowed single, double, or single with a passenger. The boat was very fast for a wherry winning a number of medals in recreational class races including gold at the 1991 Head of the Chattahoochi race (20 ft and under recreational class). A fiberglass version finished 3rd in a 25 mile Monterey Bay race (rowed as a double by a customer). I built several fiberglass versions of the boat as well. In 1999 I moved to Sedgwick Maine and in 2000 took a job with Brooklin Boatyard.

In 2009 I left BBY and started Salt Pond Rowing. The first boat from SSR was the new version of the wherry and was named the slipper. It is 18 ft long and 36 inches wide and built from the same drawings as the wherry (shorter spacing between stations). It is designed to row single or with a passenger.

Two Slippers have been built and both went to Houston Tx area. The Slipper is strip planked with western red cedar and white cedar and glassed inside and out. The hull weighs 68 lb. and fully rigged is 76 lb.

I offer the Slipper in 2 sizes and 2 rigging arrangements. 18 ft loa or 20 ft. loa, with wood rigging or RoWing rigging. I can make the wood rigging moveable so the boat can be rowed single or double or with passenger but the RoWings are easier to remove and reposition for balance and transport. I run a one man boat shop so it takes at least 3 months to build a Slipper. The prices are as follows: 18 ft boat with RoWing: $12000.00, 20 ft boat with RoWing is 13,000.00, 20 ft boat with 2 RoWings is $13450.00, 18 ft boat with wood rigging is $14000.00.

Call me: Joe Thompson at 207-359-6539 or email for more information.

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