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Joe has had a lifelong interest in small boats. At the age of 12 he purchased his first boat, a 10 ft rowing and sailing dinghy with money saved from mowing lawns. Almost immediately he had his first lesson in boat building when he had to replace the rotten keel and dagger-board trunk in the boat. At age 17, after the family moved to Murrells Inlet, SC, he built his first boat from scratch. A 14 ft. skiff. Several small boats followed including a 16 ft daysailer.

At U of South Carolina, Joe joined the USC sailing club and learned yacht racing and helped to maintain the clubs aging fleet of Penguins. He also began racing Y Flyer class sailboats. After college he had a short spell as marina manager in Georgetown SC followed by several different jobs in management. During this period he satisfied his love of boats by campaigning the oldest active Y Flyer in the country and studying yacht design by correspondence. In 1981 Joe became a full time boat-builder after moving to the Florida panhandle and taking a job with G&S boats. G&S Boats is a custom sport-fishing boat builder. He also built a 15 ft dory of his own design that year.

In 1988 after an inspirational trip to England and a week on the Thames, Joe started Hogtown Bayou Boatworks. HBB built recreational rowing shells, sliding seat Whitehall's and guideboats, and dories, some in wood and some in fiberglass. He also became a dedicated long distance sculler competing in 5 Marathon Rowing Championships, several Head of the Hooch races and cruising much of the Florida Panhandle in rowing shells.

In 1999 Joe relocated to Sedgwick Me on the Blue Hill Peninsula. Shortly after, he sold his fiberglass molds to Adirondack Rowing and took a job with Brooklin Boatyard. He felt it was a great opportunity to work for one of the best wooden boat builders in the country. In 2009 after the boatyard finished Bequia (a 90 ft sailing yacht) Joe decided it was time to return to small boat building and in 2010 started Salt Pond Rowing. His goal is to offer rowboats and shells in glued plywood lapstrake style and rowing accessories.

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